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Club History


Early Days   

The Burrum District Golf Club had its humble beginnings back in 1931 when it was known as the Howard Golf Club. Over 80 years later the club is still thriving, growing with the small community which created it.

The land was originally unsuitable for farming and on the fringe of marketable coal seams. In 1934 the club house was opened, and in 1948 the sand “greens” were converted to grass.

After drama with the land ownership, the club was disbanded after 36 years. In subsequent years the clubhouse fell into disrepair and was vandalised. The building was literally dismantled and taken away only leaving a cement floor and two corner posts.

New Beginnings, New Name

In 1986 a meeting was held at the local CWA hall to discuss the revival of the club. A steering committee was formed to guide the process. One of the first issues was the club name – with the current name “Burrum District Golf Club” selected to be more inclusive of the surrounding area.

After much organising and volunteer work the course was officially re-opened on May 21, 1988. Shortly after, a two-bay metal frame shed was erected to act as a temporary clubhouse with electricity and a commercial two-door drink fridge.

Clubhouse Completion and Reclaimed Water Irrigation

In 1992 work commenced on the current clubhouse with the first stage opened in November of that year. The next year the clubhouse was completed with the enclosure of the ground floor and incorporation of lockers from the old Howard Police Station.

The 2000’s saw many upgrades. These included a $200k irrigation system utilising treated waste water from the town’s treatment plant, a downstairs coolroom and a kitchen upgrade.


The Howard Golf clubhouse before being dismantled in 1967.


1931Public meeting for those interested in forming a golf club. Howard Golf Club committee was formed. Selected land under stewardship of Queensland Collieries.
1965Land owners Qld Collieries went into liquidation. Oakleigh Colliery of Rosewood successfully tendered for all the land.
1967No agreement made with new owners. Howard Golf Club disbanded.
1986Public meeting to re-establish club. New committee formed and club renamed Burrum District Golf Club.
1986Hervey Bay Council agreed to lease granted over land.
1988Course officially opened.
1992Work commenced on new clubhouse. First stage opened.
2004$205,000 fairway irrigation system installed.